Highly Effective Facebook Re-marketing Tips Pt1


Like I said in one of my earlier posts, you don’t want to be throwing this IM marketing stuff against the wall hoping that some of it will stick. You need direction! The same goes with FaceBook re-marketing. You have to know who you want to remarket to. Don’t blast the same re-marketing strategy to everybody that looked at your web site. You need to segment them into groups that according to their actions and interests might suggest they are at least somewhat alike.

You can segment into groups like those who either abandoned the form before finishing, or who left the shopping cart before making that final choice into one group. Another group could consist of people who visited certain of your web pages. Get this part right and FaceBook re-marketing becomes much easier, allowing you to (with more certainty) to engage whatever group more effectively.im_1

Now the next point may be a bit of a no brainer, but you must also be consistent with what you are offering, and what shows up on your landing page. As an example, what if you offered some kind of benefit in your offer that didn’t show up on the landing page? You just permanently lost a client who now will most likely never buy from you. This only works if you have inherited a family fortune of some kind so that it doesn’t matter to you. Just kidding, it never works!

Now unless you are in some movie or on a TV show, nothing works without some kind of testing. This one theory (if you remember it) will make you more money than you can realize.

As you have probably realized, although some will say that FaceBook re-targeting is easy, there is a lot to it. I will give you more tips in the next post.