Highly Effective Facebook Re-marketing Tips Pt2



The mobile app market is one that is continually growing with an estimated growth rate of 30% per year. So if you aren’t in this area, you should be! Targeting the visitors who use mobile apps on their desktop is also something that can be done. As an example, lets say you look for vacation possibilities on your mobile phone, but make the purchase on your desktop/laptop.

You can also re-target your website visitors who are using the cell phone. This can be done by via a mobile targeted ad. You should create a custom audience for this group. You can also re-target mobile users by tracking their geo-specific campaign. And don’t forget to use a call to action so that your visitors become buyers.

Once someone buys something from you, you will need to stop showing them you re-targeting ads. This is done with the help of tracking pixels for your conversion page. This will help to remove them from your campaign. This can be accomplished with the help of custom audiences. This is done by adding a re-marketing list as a ‘negative audience’.

In marketing your digital products, you will find that email works well to help you nurture your leads as well as communicating with them. Custom audiences will give you a feasible solution for nurturing you leads as well as communicating with your customers.You can/should also promote lead generating content with custom audiences in much the same way you would with email. As with email marketing, you can use offer coupons and cross-selling in FaceBook.

Next I will let you in on some FaceBook re-targeting do’s and don’ts so stay tuned.