Highly Effective Facebook Re-marketing Tips Pt3


Just throwing your marketing dollar against the proverbial wall and hoping that some of it sticks is not the way to go. You have to/should know who you want to re-market to. Don’t just target everyone with the same re-targeting ads. You should be segmenting your prospective customers, and making sure that those who might fall into the same group of interests are put into the same group. Get this part right and FaceBook re-marketing becomes much much easier.

One other point you need to be aware of is that your offer and landing pages are sending out the same message. If this is not consistent, you will most likely find that your visitor will feel cheated, will not go back to your offer, and may never buy from you again! As an example, if your ad is offering some kind of discount, the landing page is where the discount should be discussed, as well as how to use that offer. This has the effect of really engaging visitors making it much more likely they will proceed to the checkout.fb_retarget

You also will need to test your process maybe more than a few times to find out what is or isn’t working. This knowledge will stem the flow of money that will be bleeding uselessly from your pockets, as well as allow you to keep from losing any customers. Now, nothing is absolute and you will not be able to make everything right for everybody. But you will have a leg up in the whole process and be much more profitable.

You should also be re-targeting mobile app users on a desktop. mobile marketing is at this time a growth area with an estimated growth rate of at least 30% per year. What happens is that a lot of people will use their mobile device to search for products that are suitable to them, and then actually making the purchase on their desk top machine. You can also re-target the mobile app user with an ad that is specifically geared to the mobile market, using this info to create another custom audience. Remember, use a call to action to convert these visitors into becoming buyers.