Highly Effective Facebook Re-marketing Tips Pt4


Now, continuing on from my last post, you need to exclude buyers from continuing to get your FaceBook re-marketing ads. You can use the custom audience feature to add those buyers to a negative audience. This strategy is part of an overall plan to get more relative and profitable viewers (audiences) to your web site.

You should also learn to nurture leads, and email is really well suited for this.Custom audiences are also a good solution for the problem of lead nuturturing, and communicating with your customers. This makes it much siompler to launch a campaign for new leads rather than weting up an email campaign to try and do the same thing.

You can also use coupons, or other offers and discounts as a strategy to get your prospective customers interested (the ones that leave the purchase process at the shopping cart) in going back to your product page. These people have already shown interest in your products but for one reason or another have left your sales funnel. With this method you can re-market to them with some kind of discounted offer and try to regain those lost sales.

Cross selling otherwisw known as upselling or re-selling, is probably one of the most important uses for increasing sales with the use of custom audiences, and is a great way to boost repeat sales.

You can increase your marketing reach and target more audiences by generating audiences who are doing things very similar to what your existing custom audience is doing. In case you hadn’t got this part yet, let me tell you again that re-targeting with FaceBook ads is a great way to help you stay on top of what your customers intent is, and a way of tracking their behaviour.
You can opt for a look-alike audience that will help to make your marketing campaign successful. Custom audiences can be created totarget similarities, and therefore you will be able to get more audiences who are more likely to buy something from you. Optimizing for similarity has another added benefit. FaceBook will match to top 1% of audiences that are most similar to your custom audiences.