Facebook Remarketing Do’s and Don’ts Pt2


Another thing you will want to do is to optimize you conversions, and FaceBook has various tools to help you with this. These tools will also help to manage your re-marketing strategy by helping with/taking care of your bidding strategy and rotating your ads. By optimizing your conversions it will also help to generate more leads and sales.

You should also be analyzing the behaivour of those people that come to your site by using behaviour-based campaigns as part of your strategy. These can be most effective when used in conjunction with potential customers and relevant traffic. his all helps you to put together ads that are extremely targeted and relevant to those peole that will be visiting your site.im_2

Use all the ad formats available to you, keeping in mind you need to determine which of the ad formats will work best for you. Once you figure out what is working the best for you, make sure that you create your ads in all these sizes to maximize your potential customer returns.

Do keep you bidding as high as you can. Remember that you have already found potential customers, so now is the time to put in more effort to engage them with whatever product it is that you are trying to market. By bidding high, you will tend to keep your ads in a more desirable position.

In my next post I will start listing the dont’s that you should be aware of.