Facebook Remarketing Do’s and Don’ts Pt3


After putting up two posts having to deal with the do’s of FaceBook Re-targeting, here are some don’ts. You know you have done everything you can think of from your highly tartgeted creative ads to segmenting your audience as well as creating just the best ad copy anyone ever could. But holy bad copy Batman you forgot to optimize your landing pages! You have made sure that your customers will follow you call to action, but low and behold they will not be able to be directed to the page you need/want them to go to. This is a definite “business killer”. You either have to optimize your landing pages for your re-marketing ads to make sure that people get to the correct page, or you need to create custom landing pages for you re-targeting campaign.

When you go through the process of re-targeting using custom audiences, and you do not use look-a-like audiences, the plain truth is that you are losing customers. You should not under estimate look-a-like audiences. When you use look-a-like audiences, you will be engaging your self with a group of people that has no knowledge of you or your products. This is definitely not wasted space.sales-page

You shouldn’t focus too much (or only) on CTR. Your campaign will stand a good chance of failing because you didn’t pay attention to ROI as well. Even if your click rate is a decent 30% but your conversions are more like 0%, you are not making any money with your ad. So although CTR is important, to pay attention to it at the expense of your ROI is foolish. Again, don’t follow these people with your ads everywhere, make sure you have some kind of frequency cap, and that your ads get displayed for a short and desirable period of time.

Now it doesn’t matter how good you are, people will abandon your process at all stages of it. Even at the cart. So make sure your campaign has a part that targets all those that might leave the process during the buy decision. This is a quick and extremely effective way to re-engage customers that started putting some items into their shopping cart, and then for what ever reason did not complete the order.