What The Heck Should I Blog About?


Everyone that starts any kind of a home based business I am sure has been told to base the business on something that they are interested in. But will that niche make money for you? So as you most likely can figure out, the most important decision you will have to make starting a blog online is what can you do to make money. That’s it, plain and simple. What topic will you spend your next amount of time on writing a post for that topic every day, day in…..day out. Again you have to make sure that the main topic or thrust of your blog is one that will make you some money, but hopefully isn’t to terribly competitive. Also, can it be easily monetized.nd

This is the make it or break it stage for a lot of people, a highly stressful time for most. It can even be a problem big enough to prevent some from starting a blog in the first place. If this is you, please do not suffer from this disease known as analysis paralysis. Maybe just go for something different, not necessarily in your comfort zone.

Common examples of these everybody is doing it niches are fitness and diet, making money online, going green, You know them right? You can avoid these kinds of issues by maybe choosing a topic that may span several areas (eg, diet, health fitness etc.). One example that comes to mind is the topic ‘the art of manliness’ as an example. I am sure that you can easily see how this can include a number of different areas such as fitness and exercise, guides to smoking cigars, how to win the job interview and so on.

Rather than broadening the blog’s scope, why not narrow it down and go very specific like a fan site perhaps. Topics can include gaming, sports (numerous ways to go there), or maybe even your favourite actors and actresses. If you are a big fan of pop culture, this is an area where you can really narrow down your target audience/demographic. If you get stuck in the ‘what topic’ phase, just go outside the box a bit and you should start to get filled with more and more ideas.